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  • 1001-2020

    Application fields and characteristics of aluminum alloy die castings

    Aluminum alloy die castings have a wide range of applications, good casting performance, high dimensional accuracy of castings, good surface roughness, good casting stability, high raw material recovery and utilization rate, easy to save production costs, high casting strength and surface hardness.

  • 1001-2020

    Air tightness testing of aluminum die castings

    Poor air tightness detection of aluminum die castings is that when a certain pressure is applied to the die casting, the pressure leaks from the inside or outside of the casting, which may manifest as oil leakage, gas leakage, water leakage, etc., which is one of the most difficult problems to solve in the defects of die casting First, the cause may be a combination of various defects.

  • 3105-2021

    The old-brand exhibition has a new trick-2021 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition opens a new "aluminum" process

    The year 2021 is the beginning year of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the beginning year of China's new journey to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Thanks to the effective prevention and control of the epidemic in China, the continuous advancement of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy, the construction of a new development pattern of "domestic and international double cycle", and the "double carbon" goal of carbon peak and carbon neutral, China's aluminum industry has entered a new round of development cycle.

  • 1305-2021

    The rise of robots: three major trends in metal manufacturing

    Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are at the heart of the new era of manufacturing and the driving force behind the development of digital industries. Robots and artificial intelligence are playing a universally important role in many industries -- improving accuracy and consistency, shortening production volumes, and improving product quality. A growing number of metal-manufacturing factories and laboratories are using robotics and artificial intelligence technology to improve efficiency and connectivity.

  • 2601-2021

    2021 China's mold market status and development trend forecast analysis

    The domestic die and mould industry as a whole maintains a healthy development trend In recent years, with the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry, the scale and comprehensive competitiveness of the domestic die and mould industry has made obvious progress.

  • 1501-2021

    On January 7th, the price of aluminum products of the Indian Aluminum Industry Corporation increased by 3000 rupees per ton

    Hindalco Industries Limited continuously raised the prices of its aluminum ingots and aluminum products, effective from Thursday, January 7. After raising the price of aluminum wire rod by Rs 2,750 per ton, or 1.53%, on January 6, the Indian Aluminum Industry Corporation further increased the price by Rs 3,000 per ton, or 1.64%, to Rs 185,600 per ton the next day.

  • 1301-2021

    LG new energy plans to be listed at the end of the year and Ningde Times competition intensified

    LG Energy Solution, the electric-car battery manufacturing arm of LG Chem, is reportedly planning an initial public offering before the end of the year and a listing by the end of the year. LG New Energy will soon solicit proposals for its IPO from related brokerages, investment banking (IB) industry sources said on January 10. Industry sources said the company plans to receive proposals by the end of January and will select a lead underwriter based on its preference.

  • 1201-2021

    Development status of die casting market

    Die casting has a wide range of applications, involving a considerable number of product fields and industrial categories. In all these applications, if the quantity, variety, strict requirements, high quality and the large amount of metal materials and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, the automobile industry should be the first.

  • 0801-2021

    Amoeba Management and Chinese Die Casting Enterprises

    Since 1978, when China began to carry out economic reform and open to the outside world, its economy has made great progress. Over the past 30 years, the economy has grown at an average annual rate of 9.8%, and in 2010 its GDP surpassed Japan's to become the second largest economy after the United States. The foundry industry is one of the important supporting industries of the automobile industry and has been closely related to the development of the automobile.

  • 0601-2021

    Let China become the leader of the world's die casting industry

    Founded in 1996, Suzhou Sanji Casting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of light alloy casting equipment such as die-casting machine, extrusion casting machine and semi-solid forming casting machine. To make China the world's leading die-casting industry is the goal set at the beginning of the establishment of Sanji Group.

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