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Air tightness testing of aluminum die castings


Poor air tightness detection of aluminum die castings is that when a certain pressure is applied to the die casting, the pressure leaks from the inside or outside of the casting, which may manifest as oil leakage, gas leakage, water leakage, etc., which is one of the most difficult problems to solve in the defects of die casting First, the cause may be a combination of various defects. At present, the automotive industry uses a lot of parts made of aluminum die-casting, but many customers will encounter difficulties in testing, such as low efficiency and inaccuracy of water inspection, and missed inspection of gas inspection;

Air tightness testing of aluminum die castings

There are five major castings, such as left and right crankcase bodies, left and right crankcase covers, and cylinder blocks, that can cause oil leakage on the engine. When controlling the oil leakage of the above parts, there are usually two inspection procedures: one is to check the airtightness of the part after the completion of the processing of a single part (through 3.5kgf / cm2 compressed air) to check whether the casting is leaking; the second is the engine After assembly, pressurize the water to check whether the whole is leaking. There are many types of defects that cause gas leakage in die castings. In theory, any defect in die castings may cause gas leakage in castings.

Air tightness testing of aluminum die castings

The initial inspection method was water inspection. The casting was immersed in water, and the inner cavity of the casting was filled with compressed air. The compressed air passed through the path formed by the inner surface defects and the outer surface defects of the casting to the water surface, and air bubbles appeared to show the air tightness test bad. The proportion of die-casting parts with poor air-tightness is more, and leakage is not allowed under the condition of using parts, so it is necessary to carry out a full inspection of aluminum die-casting parts. metek is equipped with special testing equipment and professional operators to ensure that product quality meets customer standards.

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