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  • 3.5 Inch Waterproof 30W 6000K Round Led Fog Light fog Passing Lights for lada Priora and some Russia cars front fog Lamp

    3.5 Inch Waterproof 30W 6000K Round Led Fog Light fog Passing Lights for lada Priora and some Russia cars front fog Lamp

    Led fog lamp is a new type of green electric light source, as the result of constant flow control technology of advanced luminous uniform, it is totally light free-pollution, no noises, non-interference. Specification: Condition: 100 percent brand new continuous lighting working voltage: Dc 12v brightness: 70-90 lm(left and right strict symmetric) working current: Dc 150ma-300ma duration of work: 24hours working temperature: -40-60° material: Abs + led features: Lead the trend of car light source. No need to change the car to install the item. With reverse polarity protection and open circuit protection. Fog light improves safety while driving. It allows your vehicle to be seen at much further distances. Greatly improves reaction time of oncoming motorists in an accident. Enhance lighting in rainy and foggy days to avoid traffic accident. Bright led consumes far less power than a standard bulb while maintaining optimal light output. Bright led bulb with the lifespan up to 50, 000 hours. Shake-proof, dustproof, waterproof, and corrosion resistant. High quality fog light with no pollution, no noise, no electronic interference. More efficient, energy saving. Over heating protection device to prevent over heating and burn. Caution: Disconnect the power before installation. Package included: 1 set lights (for l/r) and all required cables.

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  • aluminum casting machine for piston

    aluminum casting machine for piston

    Hangzhou Metek Machinery Co.,Ltd is a large manufacturer in China, we are specialized in metal casting, forging, stamping and forging, and we supply products according to customers' different drawings and requirements.
    We have our own casting foundry and maching factory , our products are mainly used in various industries.We can provide many kinds of casting parts/stamping parts/machining parts and forging parts.

    1. Aluminum casting, sand casting, die casting, gravity casting, high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, forging, stamping, machining.

    2. Applied software for specification drawings: Auto CAD, Solidworks.

    3. Precision machining: CNC, milling machine, drilling machine, numerical lathe, all types of lathe.

    4. Surface finish process: polishing, sand blasting, heat treatment, painting, powder coating, anodizing, electroplating, mirror polishing.

    5. Good quality and strict delivery time.

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  • products made by die casting

    products made by die casting

    Die casting is a manufacturing process that can produce metal parts with complex geometries by using reusable molds called molds. The die casting process involves the use of furnaces, metals, die casting machines and molds. The metal, usually a non-ferrous alloy, such as aluminum or zinc, is melted in a furnace and then injected into the die of a die casting machine. There are two main types of die casting machines: hot chamber machines (used for low melting temperature alloys such as zinc) and cold chamber machines (used for high melting temperature alloys such as aluminum). The differences between these machines will be detailed in the equipment and tools section. However, in both machines, after the molten metal is injected into the mold, it quickly cools and solidifies into the final part, the casting.

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  • aluminium pressure die casting process

    aluminium pressure die casting process

    The high pressure die casting process is the fastest and most cost-effective manufacturing process available to produce precision, high integrity, net shape aluminum parts.

    We have extensive experience in the production of high-quality aluminum die-casting parts. These products require tolerances, pressure tightness, good surface finish and various secondary processes.

    Our technical expertise, well-designed process and leading technology enable us to provide you with high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

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  • aluminium investment casting

    aluminium investment casting

    Like steel casting, precision casting is also one of the main processes for manufacturing aluminum parts. We call this type of investment casting as aluminum investment casting.

    Metek Foundry has the ability to produce aluminum investment castings with excellent surface finish and high precision. We are well-known as a first-class aluminum investment foundry.

    All our aluminum alloy castings are produced by aluminum die casting or gravity casting process. We can provide many complex details that other foundries cannot produce. The molds of aluminum precision casting molds are specially manufactured through CNC machining using the best mold materials. Our products weigh from a few grams to 30 pounds, and can produce aluminum precision castings for many industries and overseas companies.

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  • aluminium casting manufacturers

    aluminium casting manufacturers

    We are a global manufacturer and exporter of aluminum castings for mechanical products for general engineering purposes.

    The aluminum casting products we produce are highly praised by customers for their strength, high workability and no porosity/porosity.

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  • aluminum investment casting

    aluminum investment casting

    Aluminum is an ideal material for various casting processes including investment casting, die casting, sand casting and permanent mold casting.

    It is a material known for its high strength/weight ratio, which makes it an ideal material for countless casting applications. Heat treatment can be used to make it have greater strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and machinability.

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  • aluminium gravity die casting

    aluminium gravity die casting

    Gravity die casting is a permanent mold casting process in which molten metal is poured from a container or ladle into a mold. The mold cavity is filled only under the action of gravity, and the filling can be controlled by tilting the mold. Sand cores can be used to incorporate undercuts and cavities into component forms. Due to rapid solidification, this process has better surface finish and better mechanical properties than sand casting.

    In addition, the casting rate of this method is higher than that of aluminum sand casting, but the cost of metal molds is higher than that of sand molds. The advantages of this method include the possibility of low gas porosity, and fine particle size can be achieved.

    Compared with sand casting, this process requires less finishing and plate loading, and gravity die casting tends to produce higher quality products. Compared with sand casting, gravity die casting production methods are generally less cost-effective in mold manufacturing.

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  • making molds for casting aluminum

    making molds for casting aluminum

    There are many types of aluminum casting molds for casting molten aluminum into different shapes and forms. Some molds are temporary, while others are permanent and can be reused. In addition to aluminum, these same types of molds are also used in many different metals and alloys.

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