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  • aluminum die casting companies

    aluminum die casting companies

    Aluminum die-casting company: choose the right partner As the transportation and construction industries struggle to cope with the pandemic economy, aluminum die-casting companies are still operating and meeting the market demand for high-strength and lightweight castings. When choosing to cooperate with an aluminum die-casting company, the supplier needs to ask in-depth questions about the equipment and process, and discuss the expectations of the final product. This is a highly specialized field that requires consistency and repeatability. With the right equipment and experienced casting workers, you can make the best settings and the castings will bring value to your project.

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  • aluminium gravity die casting

    aluminium gravity die casting

    Gravity die casting is a permanent mold casting process in which molten metal is poured from a container or ladle into a mold. The mold cavity is filled only under the action of gravity, and the filling can be controlled by tilting the mold. Sand cores can be used to incorporate undercuts and cavities into component forms. Due to rapid solidification, this process has better surface finish and better mechanical properties than sand casting. In addition, the casting rate of this method is higher than that of aluminum sand casting, but the cost of metal molds is higher than that of sand molds. The advantages of this method include the possibility of low gas porosity, and fine particle size can be achieved. Compared with sand casting, this process requires less finishing and plate loading, and gravity die casting tends to produce higher quality products. Compared with sand casting, gravity die casting production methods are generally less cost-effective in mold manufacturing.

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  • making molds for casting aluminum

    making molds for casting aluminum

    There are many types of aluminum casting molds for casting molten aluminum into different shapes and forms. Some molds are temporary, while others are permanent and can be reused. In addition to aluminum, these same types of molds are also used in many different metals and alloys.

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